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Roller shutter swimming pool: opinion, price, advantages and disadvantages

When building a swimming pool, it is essential to choose the right coverage to your needs and desires. The cover must both ensure the safety of your pool and protect your pool against impurities. We often turn to the pool roller shutter. Find out about the different models, their advantages and disadvantages and an innovative alternative: the movable floor.

The different types of roller shutters

Different types of roller shutters are available. When choosing a swimming pool roller shutter, the opening/closing system must be taken into account. Depending on budget and wishes, pool owners can choose between different models:

  • The manual pool cover
  • The motorised pool cover
  • The solar pool cover
  • The submerged pool cover

Advantages of roller shutters

In general, swimming pool roller shutters have the following advantages:

  • Safety : Roller shutters that meet the NF P90-308 standard ensure the safety of your pool (if the straps are correctly attached).
  • Savings : A roller shutter saves on water and electricity consumption by reducing evaporation and heat loss.
  • Cleanliness : A closed cover protects your pool from dirt and therefore reduces cleaning. However, it often needs to be cleaned before it is rolled up so that plant debris does not fall into the pool.

However, some of the strands have their own specificities.

Advantages of a manual roller shutter

  • Inexpensive : The major advantage of the manual roller shutter is its price. With a reasonable budget, you can get one.
  • Easy to install : the manual roller shutter is quite easy to install, no electrical connections are required.

Advantages of an electric roller shutter

  • Comfort : The electric roller shutter provides a certain level of comfort because it can be operated automatically, which greatly simplifies its use.
  • Remote control : It can also be operated remotely.

Advantages of a solar roller shutter

In addition to having the same advantages as a conventional electric roller shutter, it also has the following advantages:

  • No electricity consumption : The roller shutter is powered by solar panels, making it energy independent.
  • No connection to the electrical network required : The electrical work will be minimal on this type of roller shutter, it will not be necessary to connect it to your house.

Advantages of an immersed roller shutter

  • Easy to use : The electric roller shutter is relatively easy to use. With its motor, it becomes relatively simple to cover and uncover your pool.
  • Aesthetics and discretion : the roller shutter is easily integrated, as it is completely immersed, no box is visible on the pool deck.

Disadvantages of roller shutters

The main disadvantages of roller shutters are

  • Compatibility : Due to its design, the pool roller shutter is not compatible with all pool models. It is mainly suitable for pools with classic rectangular shapes.
  • Subject to weather conditions : In the event of hail, the pool cover can be severely damaged. It should be left open in bad weather conditions that can damage the pool cover.

They also have their own specific disadvantages.

Disadvantages of a manual roller shutter

  • No remote control: Of course, the manual roller shutter is operated manually and it is not possible tooperate it remotely.
  • Fragile system : This model is delicate to handle, incorrect handling when opening or closing coulddamage the system.

Disadvantages of an electric roller shutter

  • Connection to the electrical network : It is necessary to plan work to connect your electric roller shutter to the network of your house to ensure that it works properly.
  • Power consumption : Such a system obviously generates power consumption that must be taken into account.

Disadvantages of a solar roller shutter

  • Cost : This model of swimming pool roller shutter has a relatively high cost.
  • Requires good exposure to the sun : This model is not to be preferred in certain regions where the sunlight is lower.

Disadvantages of an immersed roller shutter

  • Complex installation : Generally, this type of cover is installed when the pool is built. If it is installed on an existing pool, the work is relatively heavy and complex.

The movable floor, an alternative to roller shutters!

Discover now an alternative to roller shutters, the movable floor for swimming pools. This is a recent innovation with all the advantages of a swimming pool roller shutter. It is a platform that allows you toadjust the depth of your pool at will via a remote control or a mobile application. Compliant with the NF P90-308It is one of the most effective safety systems on the market. In addition, it can be adapted to almost any type of pool and is quick and easy to install.

Swimming pool movable floor

With movable floor, you can choose the use of your pool according to your wishes. Sports pool, aquagym pool, paddling pool or terrace, the choice is yours.



movable floor

Manual roller shutter

Electric roller shutter

Solar roller shutter

Submerged roller shutter


From €18,000

Between € 2500 and € 3500

Between €4000 and €6000

Between € 5000 and € 7500

Between €10,000 and €20,000




















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