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Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool covers innovantes : comparison of solutions

You are looking for a top-of-the-range pool cover, but have trouble deciding between electric pool cover , roller shutter, mobile terrace etc. ? In this guide, discover the different types of covers, with their advantages and disadvantages. So far, movable flooris clearly the optimal solution both in terms of functionality and sécurité !

The swimming pool cover, to ensure a minimum level of protection and safety

There are several types of pool covers:

  • Bubble covers : these are used for summer protection of the pool, but are totally ineffective in protecting against domestic accidents.
  • Wintering tarpaulins : these are used at the end of the season and can be used as a safety device if they comply with the NF P90-308 standard.
  • The 4-season tarpaulins They are used in all seasons.

Overall, pool covers help to protect the pool against impurities, as well as toensure a minimum of safety in order to reduce the risk of drowning.

If you're looking for a high-end pool cover system, then you should probably turn to a more innovative pool cover system, such as movable decks.

Low shelters, an intermediate level of protection for your pool

The low shelters have a installation height from 60cm to 1m above the pool. They are therefore more discreet than a high or semi-high shelter and act as security cover for your pool. They can be round or angular in shape and of different types.

  • The telescopic bottom shelter

It is installed on wheels or rails and opens as its name indicates telescopically.

  • The low sliding shelter

It is similar to the telescopic base shelter, but it is composed of two modules. It is also installed on wheels or rails. Its design does not allow you tofullydiscover your pool.

  • The low removable or retractable shelter

This low shelter is less expensive than the two previous ones. It is made of lightweight materials allowing easilyto disassemble the different modules to stack them on the side of the pool.

  • The low, hinged shelter

It opens in the same way as the hood of your car. Lifting can be done manually or electrically depending on the model.

Roller shutters and mobile terraces, innovative systems for protection and security optimale !

The motorized pool covers are equipped with an automatic opening and closing system. They provide an increased level of security, and stand out from conventional coverings by their ease of use.

Automatic roller shutters

The automatic roller shutter is a system that allows you to cover and secure your pool at the touch of a button. There are two types of modèles :

  • Winding and unwinding around an axis outside sol : this model has the advantage of being easy to install, but you lose space around your pool.
  • Winding and unwinding around a submerged axis : The shaft of the damper is installed under water, which makes installation more difficult and requires additional work. The advantage of this model is its discretion.

Mobile terraces

The mobile terraces are high-end pool covers that allow you to cover your pool while using it as a space for détente ! They are a space-saving solution for pool owners with little space around the pool. There are two types  : mobile terrace vs. movable floor.

The top-of-the-range mobile terrace

The terrace mobile correspondhas a terrace that will slide along the entire length of the pool. This solution requires work around your pool, and a certain amount of space between each end of the pool is necessary in order to be able to position the terrace when the pool is in the open position.

The movable floor, the alternative to the mobile terrace idéale !


The movable floor corresponds to a tray that can be raised or lowered to completely cover the pool, or to vary the height of the water according to your activity (paddling pool, swimming, volleyball, aquagym etc.).

As you may have noticed, there are many pool covers on the market. If you are looking for a top of the range solution, the movable floor IVY from Wi-Pool is THE product for you faut : for a price similar to a top of the range roller shutter, you will have a connected and multi-purpose pool, at the cutting edge of innovation !

A price according to the level of security

The price of a pool cover varies according to its type and size. Some solutions offer low prices but do not provide optimum safety. It is essential to find a good compromise between price and safety.

How much does a pool cover cost?

Type of protection cost Level of security

Bubble tarp

Less than €100

Virtually non-existent

Wintering blanket

From €100


Manual roller shutter

Between €1,500 and €3,500


Automatic roller shutter

Between 3 500 € and 6 000 €


Submerged roller shutter

Between 10 000 € and 20 000 €


Low shelters

Between 2 000 € and 8 000 €


movable floor

From €15,000



The different types of pool covers, in brief

✔️ What are the characteristics ofthe pool cover for piscine ?
The pool cover provides the minimum in terms of safety and protection.

✔️ Why choose a roller shutter automatique ?
The automatic roller shutter stands out from the swimming pool cover due to its ease of use.

✔️ How is the rolling deck an innovative device?
The rolling deck is an innovative product that allows you to transform your pool into a terrace. However, it requires some work and is not suitable for all spaces.

Why the movable floor is the best top-of-the-range cover?
The movable floor allows you to transform your pool into a terrace, but also to vary the height of the water according to your activity. For the same price as the top-of-the-range covers on the market, movable floor IVY offers a connected and multi-usage  solution!