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Have you ever heard of " movable floor pool"? It is an innovative system that allows you to vary the depth of a pool. It can be used as a terrace or a paddling pool.

The Tribune

Founded at the end of 2017, the Marseille-based design office is preparing to install its first connected mobile pool floors that, depending on their height, transform pools into terraces or paddling pools, thus multiplying the uses of this leisure equipment that equips more than 2 million French households.

Le Point

Wi-Pool promises to make some noise in the pool world. This company from the South of France has decided to revolutionize pool covers by creating a movable floor connected to the competitive price of a roller shutter. Focus on this innovation that we will soon be able to do without.

La Provence

A swimming pool is great for swimming, diving, sunbathing and bubbling, but it's not the only reason. With Ivy, its innovative mobile floor, Wi-Pool, the young company from the Marseille Innovation Pole, created by Antoine Debois Frogé, aims to transform the use of the pool. Goodbye covers, barriers, shelters... Entirely controllable via an application, this new generation movable floor covers the pool in a few seconds to turn it into an outdoor terrace or a secure paddling pool for children.

From individuals to individuals

The craze for the dream pool continues unabated. But the Hollywood extravagance of the pool has given way to a more refined design, with more natural materials than flashy effects. Stone linings have made a comeback and glass walls, which play on transparency, are becoming more common. Overflowing pools, always highly sought after, offer a unique view of the surrounding landscape. Finally, the exceptional creations, even if they remain reserved for the most comfortable budgets, all have in common the respect of their external environment.

Le Soir

The all-connectedness is nowadays omnipresent. It has even become a way of life that no one can escape. Lights, heating, air conditioning, shutters and blinds, garage door, alarm, camera, music... everything can be controlled remotely at the touch of a button, and now even by voice thanks to voice assistants.

The house journal

Wi-Pool's connected movable pool floors transform the pool into a terrace or a paddling pool depending on its height and desired use. This new innovative solution increases safety and comfort of use, improves aesthetics and facilitates the maintenance of your pool.


The swimming pool never stops innovating to surprise us. It can disappear under a removable terrace that covers it. It can also offer a movable floor, like this realization which accommodates the Ivy module, from Wi-Pool. With this system, the pool can be used as a swimming or leisure pool, offer a low water level, for children for example, or be completely covered with a coating identical to that of the terrace. Ivy can be controlled by smartphone.

House apart

At the edge of this Provencal house with contemporary accents, a swimming pool has been dug. Its wooden movable floor allows it to be closed or transformed into a shallower pool, according to the needs of the family.

Swimming pool guide

The movable floor is a small revolution in the world of swimming pools: with its elegant and refined look and its adjustable height, it allows you to easily change the depth of your pool, to gain considerable space by creating a terrace, and to reinforce the safety of the youngest.

Le Journal des Entreprises

Antoine Debois Frogé created Wi-Pool in 2017, a company that offers a system that allows you to vary the height of your pool and turn it into a paddling pool or a terrace. With a demonstrator installed in Rousset, in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, the company is aiming for around twenty installations in 2019.

The Geek Cafe

Wi-Pool, a startup from the Marseille innovation cluster offers a new experience for pool owners. Their product IVY is an ingenious pool floor system. Its great strength is its adaptability. IVY offers great versatility, users can transform their mobile floor, according to their desires: Pool, paddling pool, deck.

Swimming pool atmosphere

This is a guide that should be read without moderation and carefully kept. For if pool protection has been an obligation for more than 15 years, it is now a range of solutions offered by both manufacturers and pool specialists. Protecting the pool is now considered from the construction stage; yesterday's option is now integrated into each project and each estimate.


From now on, it is possible to go from a terrace to a paddling pool to a swimming pool, all without lifting a finger.

Blog Works

The movable pool floor is becoming more and more popular. It is one of the latest innovations in the world of swimming pool design. The concept is to create a vertically adjustable floor, i.e. a floor that can be lowered and raised as required.

The world of the garden

Movable pool floors are currently more popular than winter covers and roller shutters as a protection system. And for good reason: they have many advantages, starting with their multiple uses. A real innovation in the pool world!

Sweet Cahutte

Do you have a pool or are you planning to build one by next summer? Why not opt for the movable floor pool solution proposed by Wi-Pool? This innovation will allow you to juggle between a paddling pool and a swimming pool in the summer and a wooden deck in the winter, and is therefore suitable for the whole family. Your pool becomes a key element of your garden during the 4 seasons.

Modern habitat

The movable floor is a particularly interesting asset for your pool. It allows you to change the depth as you wish. This adjustable height allows you to adapt your pool to the desired activities, the temperature or the current season. For example, if your young children want to play in the pool, they need a very shallow depth to enjoy the water safely, which is made possible by the movable floor pool.


Swimming pools have become trendy. The movable floor pool cover allows you to adjust the depth of your pool according to your needs and offers several significant advantages. A submersible solution more interesting than a winter cover or roller shutters to protect and secure your pool.

Piscine info service

When you want to install, build or renovate a pool, you have to consider all sorts of details. Ideally, the equipment should be easy to live with (installation, handling, maintenance) and should not be limited to safety issues. movable floor deserves your attention in this area. And the Wi-Pool IVY movable floor could well seduce you. Designed for 4 seasons, its versatility can radically transform the way you live with your pool all year round.Zoom on the movable floor for pool by Wi-Pool.